The Death of Xi Jinping – Pharaoh to Be Slain


These are the verses in Ezekiel Chapter 31,

Thus saith the Lord God: In the day when he went down to hell, I brought in mourning, I covered him with the deep: and I withheld its rivers, and restrained the many waters: Libanus grieved for him, and all the trees of the field trembled. I made the nations to shake at the sound of his fall, when I cast him down to hell with them that descend into the pit: and all the trees of Eden, the choice and best of Lebanon, all that drink water, shall be comforted in the nether parts of the earth” (Ezekiel 31:15-16)

I do not know the times on earth or the date on earth. I was told by the Lord Xi Jinping shall pass from the earth.

These Bible verses in the Book of Ezekiel were prophesied by The Lord and recorded in this Book. The name of the chapter in English is “Pharaoh to be Slain”. In a historical sense, it was originally speaking of Pharaoh, king of Egypt. Although it was a future event, it was told to Ezekiel as if it had already happened and the sentence had been given.