A Vision of Thurston High School Grounds and Fields

In 2002, I was parked on 35th Street in Springfield, Oregon. I looked up and to my spiritual vision there appeared a massive fireball perhaps several hundred feet tall. The Mohawk Valley visitation (deliverance of individuals) of the ark of the covenant was making its way back to Springfield, Oregon.

For Springfield, I have prayed for the vast number of drug and alcohol addicted people. In particular the youth. There was an epidemic going on in Western Oregon. When I did, I could see golden halos falling from heaven and landing on unknown individuals. For some unknown reason, these halos were landing on East Springfield, the gateway to the McKenzie River valley. Before the Anglo people made their habitat there it was the ancient trading and hunting grounds of the native Americans. A local historian has told me up to 17,000 years. It soon became a fishing paradise for American presidents and dignitaries.

Today I saw a new vision and perhaps an answer to why these halos were landing in East Springfield. I saw vast numbers of people gathering at Thurston High School. They had filled the athletic grounds, fields, and campus. Thurston High School was once the scene of a horrific tragedy.

“The Thurston High School shooting occurred on May 21, 1998, at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon. Fifteen-year-old freshman student Kipland Kinkel, who had been scheduled to appear at an expulsion hearing the day prior, murdered his parents before killing two of his classmates and wounding 25 others.” (Wikipedia)

I pray that Jesus is the honored guest and that healing and deliverance will be His keywords.