Part II: The Emerging New Church REPOST: July 7, 2002 Subject: Native Americans

This is a repost from 2002.  The time for its advent has now arrived Adventures In Faith Website – Article 16 – July 7, 2002 Subject: Native Americans In March 2002 we were attending a prophetic conference in Boise, Idaho.  During a break,

The Image of a Giraffe – The Heck You Say??

The Image of a Giraffe – The Heck You Say??   1.12.2017 Lately, I have been watching YouTube videos of a prophetess named Kat Kerr. She recently burst on the scene when her prediction of a Donald Trump election victory video went viral.

An Open Letter to The Church from Jesus

Today God told me to get my note pad and pen.  This is what I wrote down.   “An Open Letter from Jesus” To Whom it May Concern: “This is an open letter to all who may read it.  I have some things to say to