The Little Known and Real Meaning of the Term “Second Coming of Jesus Christ”

06.26.2017 ********** Key to blog text;  Bold highlighting = Important terms and concepts. Blue highlighting = Words, terms, and concepts containing primarily a spiritual sense or TRUTH. Red highlighting = Words, terms, and concepts containing a sense directly related to The Lord Himself or LOVE. Gray  highlighting = Words, terms, and concepts relating to Evil and Hell.  Italic letters in (parentheses) = My emphasis ********** Abstract:

What is “Covenant Rest”? It is God’s Rest and It is Christ our Jubilee

05.19.2017 Key to Text: Bold highlighting = important terms and concepts. Blue Bold highlighting = Words, terms and concepts containing primarily a spiritual sense or TRUTH. Red Bold highlighting = Words, terms, and concepts containing a sense directly related to The Lord Himself or LOVE.  Gray Bold highlighting = Words, terms,