Revelation From Heaven – A Word To The Nations

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Abstract:  This word was given to me on 10.7.2017 which I recorded.  I feel that at this time the Lord has instructed me to release it from this platform.

Given to and recorded by Leslie Lyons on October 7, 2017

This is He, the Faithful and True.  I have something to say to you!

All the earth shall tremble and shake at my presence.  I AM sending earthquakes and famine upon the earth.

Hurricanes will come like red boxing gloves.  They are laced uptight and made into a fist. War is inevitable now.  Russia, China, and Iran will now be dealt with.  They will be beaten into submission.  I will not tolerate transgressions any longer.  Let my people go.  The time of corruption and deceit is over.  I AM going to stamp out this evil.  My people have suffered long enough.  I have heard their cries for justice and retribution.

Japan, the sun will now rise upon you. Vietnam, the communists will now be broken. Korea, you will be reunited with your families.  Healing will now come to you. The roof is being opened, and the sick are being let down for healing.  The weak, the infirmed, and the oppressed shall be lifted up.  Burma no longer shall the bones of Pol Pot haunt your memories.  Your temples shall shine like gold from My glory and love for you.  Thailand the sex trade must stop.  It is a foul odor in my nostrils.  Change or be shaken, this is my warning to you.  Asia my beloved tiger.  I have not forgotten you.  Your babies and children will rejoice and be happy again.

My full attention is on Alexander Putin.  He will be dealt with.  Ukraine rise from the ashes of your shame and disgrace.  I am going to clothe you in beautiful garments. The hammer and sickle shall be broken, and the iron will be formed into plowshares.

The continent of Europe wake from your slumber.  Italy remove your boot and wash your feet before me.  Germany is a gem that needs to be polished.  Austria the mountains will echo from my presence and my voice.  Belgium return unto me.  France your bread has gone cold in your ovens. England my beloved England,  Prepare for war.  You will spearhead my victory.  Ireland the nations will come to bow in your green pastures.  Scotland, no longer will your highlands be desolate and barren.  The Baltic States, you are small but you shall be mighty.  Finland your fiords will fill with my presence.  Sweden bow yourself down before me.

Denmark your ships shall again sail.  Greenland your island will bloom with wonderful vegetation with the beauty of a garden.  They shall call you Eden.

Africa, you are waiting in the wings.  Your people will again dance before me.  The whole continent will find my blessings.  Your deserts shall become an oasis of my Spirit.  I will look favorably upon you.  Your children will no longer be hungry and sad.

Argentina your story is yet to be written.  Brazil waits upon me.  Ecuador rebuild your streets.  Columbia, Venezuela remove your filthy garments and follow me.  Cuba let my people go.  San Salvador your island shall be blessed.  It shall be called “Rest”.  

America you are the crown of my church.  You shall see the New Jerusalem descend upon you.  Canada your forests will sing and be glad.

This is what I say unto the nations.  In my hand is a megaphone.  To those who have an ear, let them hear.  I AM rooting for you to overcome.  Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me”.

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