March 5, 2021

THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCE: Things appearing in the natural realm (earthly) that correspond to things in the spiritual realm (heavenly)

Courtesy Wikipedia CEDAR

I myself will plant it on a high mountain in Israel. That branch will grow into a tree. It will grow branches and make fruit and become a beautiful cedar tree. Many birds will sit on its branches and live in the shadows under its branches. “Then the other trees will know that I, the LORD, make tall trees fall to the ground, and I make small trees grow tall. I make green trees become dry, and I make dry trees become green. I am the LORD. If I say that I will do something, then I will do it!”  (Ezekiel 17:23-24)


In the Bible, when a “tree” is spoken of refers to some aspect of a man.  It generally speaks regarding his mind and spiritual development.  Some trees are nobler than others.  Since the Lord is our planter, our seed, our fruit, and our harvest, there are different types of spiritual development in man. 

It could be on a macro scale such as the kingdoms of the world as contrasted with the kingdom of God.  It could be describing the spiritual development of tribes or nations.  It could be described on a micro-scale as the individual tree or man.  He is the potter, we are the clay.  The Lord has one purpose in creation, and that is raising up and making suitable men for His heavenly kingdom.

A thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But I came to give life—life that is full and good”  (John 10:10)

Jesus said, “I came into this world so that the world could be judged. I came so that people who are blind could see. And I came so that people who think they see would become blind”  (John 9:39)

“I came into this world as a light. I came so that everyone who believes in me will not stay in darkness”  (John 12:46)

In the Bible, a “cedar” refers to a spiritual man, not to a natural man.  In this case, the Lord forms a “beautiful cedar tree“.  A man that is full of spiritual life is found in Him.  This pleases the Master, the Potter when He is forming the clay. 

The Potter and the Clay

“This is the message that came to Jeremiah from the LORD: “Jeremiah, go down to the potter’s house. I will give you my message there.” So I went down to the potter’s house. I saw the potter working with clay at the wheel. He was making a pot from clay. But there was something wrong with the pot. So the potter used that clay again, and he made another pot. He used his hands to shape the pot the way he wanted it to be. Then this message from the LORD came to me: “Family of Israel, you know that I can do the same thing with you. You are like the clay in the potter’s hands, and I am like the potter.” This message is from the LORD”  (Jeremiah 18:1-6)


We are warned that indeed it is He that makes such things so. “I make green trees become dry, and I make dry trees become green. I am the LORD“.


It will grow branches and make fruit and become a beautiful cedar tree“,

I am the vine, and you are the branches. If you stay joined to me, and I to you, you will produce plenty of fruit. But separated from me you won’t be able to do anything. If you don’t stay joined to me, you will be like a branch that has been thrown out and has dried up. All the dead branches like that are gathered up, thrown into the fire and burned. Stay joined together with me, and follow my teachings. If you do this, you can ask for anything you want, and it will be given to you. Show that you are my followers by producing much fruit. This will bring honor to my Father. I have loved you as the Father has loved me. Now continue in my love. I have obeyed my Father’s commands, and he continues to love me. In the same way, if you obey my commands, I will continue to love you. I have told you these things so that you can have the true happiness that I have. I want you to be completely happy”  (John 15:5-11)