Revelation From Heaven – Warning Regarding the Island of Palawan, Philippines – 5.22.2020

Palawan Philippines

A vision was given to me on May 22,2020;

This morning I was at the gym riding a stationary bicycle.  I asked God if there was anything He wanted to share with me.  Immediately I was given a map image in my mind of Palawan Island, the Philippines.  The island map was highlighted to my mind.  Four times the island blinked from deep blue bold color to non-highlight to deep blue bold color again.

I asked God what this meant. Next in my mind I could see a newsreel of a Chinese naval armada steaming in formation in the South China Sea.  I knew in my inner being this was a Chinese attack force to invade Palawan Island.

Whether this was a larger plan to attack Taiwan and seize the entire South China Sea I have not been told. I do however see an image of President Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine President.  I sense God is not pleased with his leadership of this Island nation.  He has put his nation at risk by becoming too close to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He has signed a massive contract for the CCP to build an underground transit system in Metro Manila. As many countries in the continent of Africa are finding out, these contracts are nothing but debt traps. These are designed for nothing less than the future take-over of these countries. They are mobster and gangster tactics for resource profits on a global scale.

And Pharaoh said to him, Go away from me! Take heed to yourself; see my face no more. For in the day you see my face you shall die”  (Exodus 10:28)

As we see in this Bible verse, we find an angry threat from Pharaoh (or shall we say Chinese Communist Party), “Go away from me! Take heed to yourself…“. For if you dare to mess with me again, “the day you see my face you shall die“.

But Moses looked Pharaoh boldly in the eyes and replied;

And Moses said, You have spoken truly; I will never see your face again”  (Exodus 10:29)

If I may translate this verse into an easy-to-understand language; “I have delivered the message to you Pharaoh, that I was sent to do. Now that it is done you are rushing headlong into a conflict with Almighty God. I do not expect to see you again”.