Word of Revelation From Heaven Regarding The Republic of The Philippines

Abstract:  The restoration of the dignity of the Filipino peoples and the removal of corruption in the Philippine Government.


Key to Text:

Bold highlighting = Important terms and concepts. Blue Bold highlighting = Words, terms and concepts containing primarily a spiritual sense or TRUTH. Red Bold highlighting = Words, terms, and concepts containing a sense directly related to The Lord Himself or LOVE. Gray Bold highlighting = Words, terms, and concepts relating to Evil and Hell.  Italic letters in (parentheses) = My emphasis.


Everywhere in the Philippines God’s Name and Word is honored

Today a vision and a direct revelation were given to me. God has seen the Filipino people. Everywhere in the country, God’s Name and Word is honored.  It is written on billboards, on top of taxis, on jeepneys, and tricycle rentals. It is found inside their homes, on posters and sewing plaques.  God revealed to me He has seen them and has seen their faith.

If only Western countries would display such open adoration and faith in God!

By me, princes rule, and all nobles who govern justly. I love those who love me, and those who seek me early shall find me. With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and righteousness”  (Proverbs 8:16-18)

Pinaagi kanako ang mga principe nanagpamunoan, Ug ang mga harianon, bisan ang tanang mga maghuhukom sa yuta. Ako nahagugma kanila nga nahagugma kanako; Ug kadtong nagasingkamot sa pagpangita kanako, makakaplag kanako. Mga bahandi ug kadungganan maoy ania kanako; Oo, ang katigayonan nga molungtad ug ang pagkamatarung” (Proverbs 8:16-18)

He is about to bring an end to the corruption found in all aspects of Filipino society and life which harms so many unfortunate people.  Corruption has become a way of life.

But He is about to bring a NEW LIFE to the downtrodden masses.  He will restore their dignity as an indigenous people.  Once again the people will be proud to say they are Filipino.  They will have an honored place among the nations