The Spiritual Meaning of Star and Stars in the Bible

Abstract: Using a thunderegg, as an illustration, we will be able to see the spiritual meaning of the word “star” and how it corresponds to the heavenly meaning read by the angels in heaven.  In doing this we who are on earth

The New Emerging Church Will Reject These Mainline Institutional Church Doctrines

What Is Junk Science? “The expression junk science is used to describe scientific data, research, or analysis considered by the person using the phrase to be spurious or fraudulent. The concept is often invoked in political and legal contexts where facts and scientific results have a

John Calvin and Michael Servetus – The Lie of The Concept of Predestination

I was pondering a question a brother asked me.  What were my thoughts on the theme of predestination or being chosen. The whole concept seems much like a dog chasing its tail, only to never catch it. Or which came first, the