“The Littlest Cross” The Story of Charles Glantz

One day my mother was driving to the grocery store.  At the traffic light, she noticed a very old man struggling to get a little hand shopping cart full of groceries over the curb.  She pulled the car over and parked.  She helped this old man by putting his things in the trunk and giving him a ride home. She related he lived in an old run-down shack.  Before she left, he gave her a copy of a pamphlet called “The Littlest Cross”.  She gave it to me.

I read this pamphlet and I was blown away.  It captured the essence of the Christian walk in this world.  The next time I visited his home with my mother.  He was small, bent over and a very old man.  But he had a quiet dignity and peace about him.  While we were there a man in a Mercedes Benz automobile drove up to collect his rent, which “Charlie” dutifully paid.

This is that pamphlet he gave my mother. The story of “The Littlest Cross” ©1979.