There They Are: The BE Attitudes

Matthew chapter 5

There they are:  the BE attitudes

Be empty
Be sad
Be open to outside instruction
Be dependent on His help
Be happy when things aggravate you
Be a failure for a moment until His instructions come to you

Mourn when you notice righteousness is eluding you: you are complaining.

The Rain of God is His blessings distributed for those thankful as well as those who take for granted.
His Perfections are to bless when we would naturally curse, to pray for one who just took advantage of you, to not envy someone or something you wish you could have too.

Loving your neighbor as yourself might begin with a prayer: thinking about each human interaction and your present feeling about each, singularly.
Apply His teachings to those interactions.
Any changes needed?

“Against the wind”
Perfection lies amidst the choppy stormy waters of human relationships,
Whereby we find our test to try out God’s Way

If nothing offends you, only briefly
You may be nearing perfection

Courtesy of Walter Johnson,  Oregon, USA