World Refugee Day June 20, 2018

Today is World Refugee Day. This is a repost of a previous blog entry. I have since felt God calling me to intercede for Myanmar (Burma).

Posted Jan 28th, 2005, 12:24 by Adventures In Faith on Prophetic

From: Intercessors Network mailing # 396 January, 2005 (Please lift up in your prayers as God leads you); 160 ARRESTED AT PROTEST AGAINST MYANMAR’S TREATMENT OF CHRISTIANS Malaysian police arrested 160 citizens of Myanmar (Burma) Monday, Jan. 17, for protesting outside their country’s embassy against the military junta’s alleged discrimination against Christians. Authorities detained the demonstrators after they chanted anti-junta slogans for about 30 minutes and defied police orders to disperse, said a spokeswoman for the Malaysian human rights group, Suaram. The protesters could be charged with violating a rule requiring a police permit for gatherings of more than three people. Those without valid immigration documents could be deported. Police confirmed the arrests but provided no details. While Myanmar, ruled by the military since 1962, is predominantly Buddhist, the population also includes Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and animists. MYANMAR’S CHIN CHRISTIANS CALL FOR PRAYER AS PERSECUTION CONTINUES Chin Christians in southern Myanmar (Burma) are calling for a day of prayer Sunday, Jan. 30, as persecution continues in the area. The Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) is also calling for protests against the oppression at embassies around the world. On Monday, Jan. 24, more than 400 exiled Chins gathered near the Burmese embassy in New Delhi, India, to condemn the systematic persecution of Chin Christians by the ruling military regime in their homeland. In a recent example, government forces defaced and then destroyed a 50-foot concrete cross on a hilltop in Matupi township Monday, Jan. 3. The cross had been in that location for two decades as a testimony to the people’s faith in Christ. Since the mid-1990s government forces have destroyed at least half a dozen crosses and several churches in Chin state. In many cases, these have been replaced with Buddhist pagodas. The CHRO believes that the destruction of crosses and church buildings and the persecution of Christian religious leaders is designed “to crush the will and psychology of Chin Christians.”

Today it is reported that nearly 70 million people have been displaced through war, persecution, and corruption flowing from the military junta. There is a horrendous refugee crisis in Myanmar. As God leads you, please pray for the people of Myanmar.

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