Why is Jesus Returning on a “Cloud”



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And I looked, and behold, a white cloud. And on the cloud sat one like the Son of man, having a golden crown on His head, and a sharp sickle in His hand” (Revelation 14:14)

Why is it told Jesus would appear on a “cloud.

Emanuel Swedenborg said that in every word, dot and title there is a natural meaning (i.e. historical, prudence, wisdom, truth) but hidden (and cloaked) within that natural meaning is a spiritual meaning. Jesus clearly taught that the church on earth is intrinsically connected to the church in heaven,

Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven“.  (Matthew 6:10)

Where do our dear old saints go when they pass? To sit on clouds and strum lyres? No, they are transformed into angels of light. Promoted to the congregation of heaven. The angels in heaven also read the same WORD, (Bible) but they can not only understand it and see it, but it delights them in the spiritual sense. For they dwell in a spiritual realm and not a natural realm as we do.


… on the cloud sat one like the Son of man,

The word “cloud” in the Old Testament, it is found in 79 verses. In the New Testament, it is found in 15 verses.

And I looked, and behold, a white cloud. And on the cloud sat one like the Son of man, having a golden crown on His head, and a sharp sickle in His hand” (Revelation 14:14).

Jesus coming back to earth a second time on a “white cloud”. Many have also called this event the second coming of the Jesus Christ. The most anticipated event in the history of the Christian church.

But how does the congregation of heaven see and comprehend this Biblical verse?

In Strong’s Old Testament Concordance (H6051) “cloud” means to “cover” or “cloud over”, and to “obscure”. Another “cloud” meaning is (H5645), means “darkness”. The New Testament Strong’s “cloud” (G3507) means “cloudiness” or to “obscure”.


In Revelation 14:14 it says the Lord is returning on a “white cloud”. Strong’s New Testament word for “white” (G3022) is “Light

In Revelation 14:14, “white” suggests a “brilliant light”.


What is the color “white“, and how does it relate to the Lord returning on a “white cloud?


“There are two colors in general, which shine forth in precious stones, the color red and the color bright “white“. The other colors, as green, yellow, blue, and many others, are composed of them (red & white), by means of black; and by the color red is signified the good of love, and by the color bright white is signified the truth of wisdom”.

“The reason why red signifies the good of love is because it derives its origin from the fire of the sun, and the fire of the sun of the spiritual world is in its essence the Divine love of the Lord, this the good of love;

And the reason why the color bright “white” signifies the truth of wisdom is that it derives its origin from the light which proceeds from the fire of that sun, and that proceeding light is in its essence the Divine wisdom, thus the truth of wisdom”. (“Apocalypse Revealed Bible Commentary” Emanuel Swedenborg #915).


So to recap, all colors are composed by means of pure red and pure white shaded by degrees of the color black. This is the spiritual key that unlocks the meaning of “white” and “cloud” found in Revelation 14:14.

The word “cloud” represents the WORD (Bible) and how it has been and is being received and comprehended by the church in the earth. In this case “cloud” in the original application is “darkness”. And “darkness” (color black) is formed by lack of “light.

Spiritually then, the Biblical meaning intended is that the TRUTH (the truth of wisdom) is not being understood and interpreted correctly. The Lord Jesus Christ is not being seen as He really is. His Holy Word (Bible) is seen in “obscurity“.


But thanks be to God, Jesus is returning on a “white cloud

Because in the church on earth the TRUTH has been “obscured” by a “cloud” of theological errors. He is coming on a “white cloud”. The Lord will appear to dissipate and scatter that “cloud” of darkness and obscurity.

When He returns He will expose the TRUE reflection (“white light”) of the LOVE of God (“pure red”).

The Holy Bible will be opened like a scroll to reveal the spiritual meaning of the sacred text that will bless the entire world.