The Election 2016


I wanted to share this WORD of revelation I received in September 2016. (I can show the time stamp if it ever was needed).  I submitted it to the Elijah List on the date listed.  God is truly amazing;

I have submitted articles and words before with references.  Joel Daniken (San Jose Bible College) is my mentor, and sounding board.  I attend Ekklessia Eugene Church.

For you discernment I submit the following.

 The Election 2016  Leslie Lyons  Eugene, Oregon  09.12.2016

I have been hearing the song by Alice Cooper from 1972, all day long.  I hear these lyrics from the song…





I want to be selected

By all the people

In the United States of America


We’re gonna win this one

Take the country

by storm

We’re gonna

be elected


Now I see a vision of Donald Trump.  It is the standard “Donald” head shot.  I hear these lyrics from the song…


I’m top prime

Cut of meat

I’m your choice

I wanna be elected


I’m Yankee Doodle Dandy

In a gold Rolls Royce

I wanna be elected


Now I see the vision of the standard “Donald” head shot, again.  I hear these lyrics…


Kids want a savior

And not a fake

I wanna be elected

We’re all gonna rock

To the rules

That I make

I wanna be elected


I sense a Donald victory in my spirit man, as the song continues…



Elected ah yeah

Respected Yea Eh

Elected Ah Ow

Outrageous, outspoken and out front.  Mr. “Donald”.  Red, white and blue.  America is out in front, and leading the way!  He’s gonna be elected!  Carrying America strong!  He’s my choice to lead the way.  He’s gonna be elected!  Red, white and blue, America is leading the way.  He’s gonna be elected!

(By the way this a link to The Alice Cooper song “Elected” on YouTube… )

Leslie Lyons



Leslie Lyons is the Chaplain at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center in Springfield, Oregon.  He has written three easy-to-read Bible interpretations on The Psalms, Revelation and the Book of Job.  He is a revivalist with a radical Christianity view of the kingdom.

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The Swamp has Sprung a Leak.




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I have been a church-goer most of my life. I have been in the Charismatic revival, and most recently the Prophetic and Healing revivals. I have written on Christian Doctrine since 2001. I have written three books, "Notes on the Book of Psalms", "Notes on Job" and "Notes on Revelation". Psalms is available as a free e-book download. I attended Bible Institute, an online Christian school for pastoral studies. I find His Word delightful, and my greatest pleasure is to find golden nuggets of truth!
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