New Pocketbook -Revelation of Jesus Notes on the Book of Revelation

A Testimony of Jesus

Notes on The Book of Revelation

A spiritual interpretation on the Book of Revelation.  As seen by the angels in heavenly

light.   A reference guide for the believer to see current and future events in a plain and

easy to understand format.  Part I Chapters 1-10.


a testimony of jesus notes on the book o



About kalahawk

I have been a church-goer most of my life. I have been in the Charismatic revival, and most recently the Prophetic and Healing revivals. I have written on Christian Doctrine since 2001. I have written three books, "Notes on the Book of Psalms", "Notes on Job" and "Notes on Revelation". Psalms is available as a free e-book download. I attended Bible Institute, an online Christian school for pastoral studies. I find His Word delightful, and my greatest pleasure is to find golden nuggets of truth!
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