Economic Revival 3/5/02 (RE-POST)

Subject: Economic Revival 3/5/02

For several days I have been driving through the industrial parts of town. I began to notice individual businesses. They looked bright and happy. New workers needed seeming to be calling forth from them. The cars in the parking lots looked glad and joyous. They had transported people to good paychecks and steady employment.

The buildings appeared to be large trees that were basking in the goodness of God and His provisions. All the water, sunlight, and nutrients needed. Despite all the gloom and doom of the current recession we are now living in, these businesses seemed to be enjoying an economic BOOM!

I have heard of the “Joseph Anointing”, but this was really BIG. This appeared to be not only anointed business people securing money for the Kingdom but a FLUSH of economic revival transcending all economic understanding! This will rival, and perhaps surpass the economic revival of the 1960s.

Our God is not only BIG, but he is also GOOD! (All the time!)

brother Les Lyons

Photo by Thanakorn Phanthura from Pexels

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