Psalm 78 – Salvation and The Heart of God 08.08.2015

Taken from the forthcoming book, “Notes on The Book of Psalms Books, Part III, IV & V

I Asaph, have something important to share with you.  I will tell you a story using images.

Which has been passed down from generation to generation. To God’s glory and honor,

We wish to share this wonderful story.  He has set up a new standard of moral behavior among men.

And that we should teach our children these precepts. To show them that God is good, and not to forget the many blessings He bestows upon us. That they will not seek their own way, and their own good. But live life according to these precepts and not to turn away from them.

Do not look at those who refuse to follow God’s Word, and ignore His goodness, the care, and love he provides.  He takes care of His children, even in the midst of many evils and trials.  He will deliver them through them all.  

His love is a standard and high tower of protection.  His divine presence gives light and understanding, in good times and in bad.  His Word brings forth love and faith and is available to all.  It is a source of living water.  It brings forth faith and contentment, peace and security.  

Yet, for those who ignore His Word and it’s precepts, they are lost and without hope.  And they err further by seeking their own needs and ignoring God and others.  They even sneer at the concept of a living God.  They ask can this invisible God put food on my table?  I do not understand all this religious nonsense.  Can He provide practical things that I need and desire?  

God is aware of their thoughts.  He sees into the heart and allows them to continue on their crooked path.  God is saddened by their hardened hearts.  He has tried to reach out to them in His love toward the whole human race.  Many times, and through many opportunities, He has called them to Himself.  

He has sent angels and other people to show and tell them practical truths and wisdom of His character, and His love for them.  He sent a taste of heaven and showed them a better way.  

But they refused to listen, and they began to seal themselves off from heaven. They became as beasts. Their insanity increased.  They were headed for disaster.  Their self-deceptions soon enveloped their entire families and friends. They continued in their quest for self-fulfillment.  God did not interfere.  They were soon consumed with their greed for more and were not filled.

Hell descended down upon them and sealed their fate.  Now they hated God. They had shunned His marvelous grace. They worshiped vain idols and wasted their years on earth. God then separated Himself from them. At times, they remembered their creator.  And they considered the faith they had heard in days past.  But they thought of themselves as good people. They reassured themselves that they were worthy.  But their heart was not pure.  And in reality, they had never made a commitment to the Lord.  

But God’s love would not let Him forget them.  Time and time again He tenderly called them.  He did not take to heart the rejection that He suffered. However, they continued to decline his overtures.  They simply turned their backs and walked away.  It did not even enter their minds to consider all the blessings God had given them.  Or all the times He had called them away from this world.  

They had ignored His mercy.  His goodness, they could not comprehend. Their malice and venom toward God were self-evident.  Their appetite was only in the flesh, and what it could provide.  All their good and moral principles were destroyed.  Anything to do with God’s kingdom had vanished.  Any chance for redemption was gone.  Their ears and hearts would not listen.  Their evil desires drew themselves closer to the hells.

They have fallen so far from the truth, they somehow considered themselves to be in the truth.  They have no connection to heaven or to God’s people on earth.  The people of faith can lean on and rely on God.  He tenderly leads them, and they find safety.  But those who reject God have no anchor.  

He brings His people to His home.  Heaven is prepared for them. They are brought into heaven with blessings and honor.  God shares everything He has with them.  

But those who have rejected God will lose everything.  They hate God and all his moral precepts.  It saddened God to see such a waste of desolation. Oh, how He longed and wished things could be different.  So He took on the form of a man. He left His home in tranquility and dwelt among men in the earth because of His love for them.

He gave up His sovereignty so that He might save.  His glory He did hide. He allowed Himself to enter into temptation. He became just another man. His passion and desire were to redeem and save men.  It was His only purpose.  

He desired that men should come to Him.  He wanted to make a way for those who did not have a way.  He then created a way, and it became so.  

All the evils belonging to the hells that were against His love and purpose He subdued and put them back into order.  He refused to come as the sovereign Lord of the universe, but instead took the form of a man.  He chose to build a church family of people to share his Love.  This church would include anyone, especially the unworthy.  

He built this church to proclaim the beautiful truths of heaven and to share its glory.   He took the form of a natural man with earthly wisdom and filled Him with all truth from heavenly wisdom. The great Lord of heaven walked among men in holiness, innocence, and truth.  He served the people as a servant who serves his master.

He shared His life with all His ability and power.

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